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September 2014
February 2014
April 2011

Tallinn, 1. aprill – Tunnustamaks anonüümseid internetikommentaatoreid, asutas suhtekorraldaja Ivo Rull Pikakoivalise Ajakirjanduse Preemia.

Rulli sõnul on pikakoivaline ajakirjandus selline, mis aitab lugejatel jõuda kiiremini, kõrgemale ja kaugemale.

“Ilmselgelt on anonüümne netikommentaar jäänud täna ühiskonna poolt vääriliselt tunnustamata. Ent meediatekste täiendavates netikommentaarides pakutakse sageli analüüsi, sotsiaalset tausta ja värsket kujundit. Hea netikommar teab – vähem möla, pikem samm!” ütles Rull.

Pikakoivalise Ajakirjanduse tänavuseks preemiasummaks on 100 000 kutserit.

“Kuna preemia ěüriisse on kutsutud nii Luik, Haug kui Vähk, on võitja IP-aadressi selgitamine keeruline, ent siiski tänuväärt ettevõtmine,“ ütles Rull.

September 2010

On September 24th, after media training at Estonian Academy of Security Science Ivo Rull has handed over certificate number 2000. Certificate was received by senior specialist with marketing and communication department of Estonian Academy of Security Science Anneli Leinemann.

According to Rull & Rumm' manager Ivo Rull, demand for media training provided by PR company remains steadily high.

"Leaving modesty aside for a moment I should admit that currently there's no better trainer in this field in Estonia," Rull said.

Media training is a practical training course that provides both theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to communicate with different media channels.

May 2010

 4th of May 2010 took in Teachers' Houseof Tallinn place first year ending party of “Come Along!” (Ole Kaasas!). Rull & Rumm organized project communication since May 2009.  

“Come along!” trainings consists theoretical knowledge and practical experiences about e-services, ID-Cards, Mobile-ID and digital signatures. PR of the projects took place in Estonian and in Russian. 

“Come Along!” is an Internet promotion project launched by EMT, Elioni, Microlink and the look@world foundation (Vaata Maailma SA)  in spring 2009. The project aims to provide basic and advanced computer training to 100,000 people and connecting 50,000 more families to the Internet over the next three years. Projects were financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

January 2010

 16th of January 2010 were presented the book of history of Round Table Estonia in the Merineitsi restaurant in Hotel of Viru. Book named “20 Years of Round Table” was made to celebrate Round Table Estonia 20th anniversary.


The book of Round Table movement in Estonia consists colorful memories, important facts and thoughts of Round Table members about their future. The book has 192 pages.


The book was established after two months of intensive work that also consisted 20 individual and group interviews in different places in Estonia. Texts of the books were made by Ivo Rull ja Triin Junkur. The print-run of the book is 1000 copies.


May 2009
May 15, 2009, the last meeting organised by Rull & Rumm took place in Rapla County where the Rapla County communication and marketing strategy for 2009-2015 was confirmed.  

According to Triin Junkur, the Strategic Consultant of Rull & Rumm, the process of compiling the communication and marketing strategy was a time-consuming project and demanded lots of commitment, however, it also gave lots of Wow! moments and inspiration. 

“Since the leading institutions of the county wished to start putting the strategy into practice already this summer, the process of compiling the strategy was rather intensive. Only in a few months we mapped the weaknesses and opportunities of the county’s communication and marketing activities, reanimated the county brand and compiled to two-year strategic activity plan,” Junkur commented.

Three methods of research were used during the compilation of the strategy: an experiment, interviews and a questionnaires. Furthermore, existing strategic documents dealing with the county-wide communication and marketing activities were analysed and group discussions and meetings with the ordering parties of the strategy were organised.

Rapla County communication and marketing strategy was compiled by Rull & Rumm during the period of February – May 2009. The contracting institutions were Rapla County Government, the Association of local Governments of Rapla County, Rapla County Centre for Development and Enterprise, Rapla County Assembly of Partnership and Rapla County Village Association.
January 2009

In 2009, 12 years will have passed since the founding of the company Rull & Rumm. To mark this occation, we issued a wall calender illustrated with the photos of Triin Junkur, Helena Loorents, Ivo Rull and his son.

See the calender here.

November 2008

On the 20th of November, the International Job Shadow Day, the activities of Rull & Rumm were shadowed by the 12th grade pupil of Leisi Highschool, Eliis Õitspuu. The job shadow Eliis participated in the media training we organised for the spokespersons of the Environmental Inspection and was very pleased with her experience.

In her letter Eliis wrote us: “I am a pupil play tennis and go to the gym. After fwith excellent grades, my strongest and also favourite subjects are English and Literature. I have worked in the school newspaper editorial. I spend most of my spare time actively: I play tennis and go to the gym. After graduation I plan to study social sciences or imagology. I would very much like to tie my future to public relations or journalism. As a person, I am sociable, responsible, good-tempered, friendly and diligent."

During the time she spent as our job shadow, the proved to be exacly what she described.

Ivo and his job shadow Eliis in Ruunawere before the start of the training

September 2008

On Monday, September 22, the consultants of the PR-company Rull & Rumm gave up driving their cars and cae to work on bikes to celebrate the International Car-Free Day.

"This day has turned out to be a tradition with which our company tries to be a positive example for the public," Helena Loorents, the Strategic Consultant of Rull & Rumm said. 

According to Loorents, despite the car-free day, there did not seem to be any difference in the morning traffic - as inexperienced cyclists, Rull & Rumm consultants preferred sidewalks to the streets in order to be safe.
“Although the traffic was really tense, we all made it to the office in time. I hope that we will all make it home safe and sound in the evening as well," Loorents said.
September 2008

R&R Suhtekorraldus OÜ (trademark Rull & Rumm) donates 50 000 kroons to the group who managed the cross-Estonian garbage collecting campaign.

According to Ivo Rull, the Manager of Rull & Rumm, the company wishes to support the "greens" that are active in practice.
September 2008

R&R Suhtekorraldus OÜ and the Estonian Green Party today concluded their cooperation contract by mutual agreement.

July 2008

At the baginning of July, a project of Rull & Rumm ordered by the Ministry of Social Affairs to raise awareness of the topics of EQUAL program among the decision-makers and wider public was brought to a happy end.

According to Helena Loorents, the Rull & Rumm consultant of the EQUAL communication project, the undertaking was very difficult, however, also very interesting.

"During this project, we found out interesting things about life around us and cooperate with extremely interesting persons. What is more - we received a unique professional experience in carrying out and managing a project of such volume and format," Loorents said.

The communication project aimed to introduce topics of the EQUAL program initiated in 2004. The purpose of the program was to create new innovative measurs to decrease unequal treatment in labour market. The communication project, therefore, focused on such disadvanaged groups of people as ex-convicts, ex gambling addicts, ex-prostitutes, physically disabled persons, farmers, and parents of small children in towns and peripheral regions.

20 articles and lots of commentaries of different companies, unions and associations, politicians, EQUAL project managers, scientists and other people were published in the Estonian media during the communication project. Furthermore, several TV- and radio-shows also focused on the problems of labour market.

At the end of the communication project, the EQUAL program ending-forum "See the Stars in Labour Sky" took place in the KUMU auditorium, where several thematic presentations were made and 25 known and renowned experts dicussed the possibilities of decreasing unequality on the labour market.

June 2008

Tallinn, 26 June - Today, Ivo Rull, the Manager of the PR-company Rull & Rumm, presents his new book "Media Games". The 152-page book published within the series of Äripäev Book Club focuses on the relations between journalism and PR.

According to Ivo Rull, media and reputation are the two most important milestones for the people in nowadays world so over-filled with information.

"Our development and attitudes are mainly defined by the information bits and impulses received from the media. The way our reputation has developed or has been developed is the basis to others evaluation on us. Media and reputation creat a huge variety of exciting combinations, some of which I have written about through the game prism in this book," Rull said.

Ivo Rull, the Manager of Rull & Rumm is one of the most experienced public relations consultants in Estonia. In addition to running his own company for 11 years, Ivo Rull has been the Secretary General of the leading party of the coalition, the advisor of a parliament fraction, editor of political affairs to a leading newspaper, correspondent and humorist in several publications.

See the pictures of the book presentation here.
March 2008

“Fight for Attention”, the opening article of Ivo Rull’s three-part article series “Modern Media Games” was published in the February issue of the Director magazine. The article series will continue in the March and April issues with “The Bases for Good Media Campaigns” and “Crisis Temperes the Manager”.

Commenting on the article series, Ivo Rull said: “Some anonymous web commentators have said about my articles on current affairs, that it is hackwork. And they are right! I usually write something only when editors ask me to write something. In case of this article serier, I have Director’s executive editor Karin Kastehein to thank for the subscription.”

February 2007
September 2006
Tallinn, 21st of September- tomorrow on the international car free day, all the consultants of Rull&Rumm are using their bicycles as a transportation.

"In Tallinn the joy over four legged friend during rush our is becoming more as a source of stress. Near our office, that is located in the centre of the city, is difficult to find a decent parking space. So, tomorrow we are coming to work on our bikes and we can enjoy the lovely autumn weather as well," commented head of the firm Ivo Rull. A picture of the day:

International car free day was started on the year 1997, same as the PR-firm Rull&Rumm.
September 2006
In August conducted Rull&Rumm communication adviser Kerttu Kongas in accordance to her internship a research on the topic of "Do leaders trust their PR-personnel?"

During the research 102 questionnaires were sent out to public, third and private sector leaders and PR-advisers. Answers came back from 19 leaders and 20 PR-advisers.

Kerttu Kongas also performed the results in a conference "Practical public relations" on 20th of September. The results can be found on the following web page
December 2005
In December 2005, two thorough articles on development of Estonian PR have been published in speciality magazines in Germany and Finland.

German magazine “PR Report” published Baltic PR market development overview by Martynas Karciauskas and Danel Krolzik. Under the title “Ein Begriff für drei Märkte” (Marks of the three markets) Estonian PR past, present and future are commented by KPMS & Partner's partner Margus Mets and head of Rull & Rumm Ivo Rull.

In December issue of Finnish magazine “Maine” there can be found an article by Paula Launonen “Visiitti Virolaisiin viestintätoimistoihin” (Visit to Estonian PR companies). Information and commentaries for the article are from CEO of Hill & Knowlton Eesti Daniel Vaarik, head of Alfa & Omega Viive Aasma and head of Rull & Rumm Ivo Rull.
October 2005
Film crew of Russian TV channel Ostankino has visited Estonia in the end of September to gather material for the new documentary about "Estonia" ferry catastrophe. The film named „Baltic Titanic“ deals mostly with the human side of the disaster. Rull & Rumm provided the crew with needed contact information and assisted in organizing and conducting interviews.

During the five days work along with interviews of people surviving the disaster and people who have lost their relatives on "Estonia" there have been filmed interviews with member of official investigation commission mr Jaan Metsaveer, with Gregg Bemis and Jutta Rabe, many different experts and officials. According to Rull & Rumm' executive manager Julia Amor the material that has been gathered is interesting and diverse. „One can presume that the film will be both equable and exciting", said she.

„Baltic Titanic“ will be 52 minutes long and will air as a part of „Century's secrets" series in upcoming November.
May 2005

Published on May 18, PR TOP by Äripäev presents PR companies by income: 1. HV Haus 2. KPMS & Partnerid 3. Powerhouse 4. Rull & Rumm.

PR TOP by Äripäev has been compiled on the basis of data from 13 PR companies.

March 2005
On the 31 of March media training for county ' governors and ministry's chancellors has been conducted at Kalvi manorhouse under the managing of Ida-Viru county governance. Lecturing were editor-in-chief of daily paper Eesti Päevaleht mr. Priit Hõbemägi, editor-in-chief of another daily SL Õhtuleht mr. Väino Koorberg and the head of Rull & Rumm mr. Ivo Rull.

Priit Hõbemägi (on the picture on the left, on the right is event manager Anti Ronk) gave an overview of developments is Estonian media sphere, Väino Koorberg spoke of the nature of tabloids and Ivo Rull shared knowledge on possibilities of forestalling and smoothing of media scandals.
October 2004
On October 27th, Rull & Rumm PR company consultants conducted 100th videomedia training - for top management and project managers of Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development Innove. Considering that the average number of participants at Rull & Rumm' videomedia trainings is 15, thourghout 7 active years PR company has trained about 1500 specialists of different areas to communicate with media.

According to Rull & Rumm head Ivo Rull, social profile of trainees has been very variable - there have been businessmen, politicians, officials, members of social organisations, pr executives and journalists.

"We have given our part into present state of things, where specialists communicating with media give precise and understandable messages," Rull said.

Videomedia training is practical training that gives both theretical knowledge and pratical experiance in communicating to dirrefent types of media.

Rull & Rumm PR company has been established in October 1997 by Ivo Rull and Hannes Rumm. Almost for the whole period company has been in Ivo Rull's property.
July 2004
Estonian public got the first opportunity to enjoy world class top tennis on July 10-11, 2004 at the Kadrioru Tennis Center during the Fe Cup play-off games between Estonian and Czech women teams. Rull & Rumm arranged the operation of the press center.

The competitors appeared to be more equal than was expected and the play off ended with a 3 - 2 Czechs' victory.

Estonian Television made live programme from the games, watching the games at the field was almost every sports journalist in Estonia.
April 2004
Since the end of April Rull & Rumm is working in new, bigger and imposing office. Our new address is Pärnu mnt. 41a, 10119 Tallinn (juridical address is still Toompea 3, 10130 Tallinn). Our phone numbers and mail addresses remain the same.

See you in our new office!
September 2003
The two-round contest for executing the video media training for the Board and specialists of Bank of Estonia was won by PR-agency Rull & Rumm. The trainings will be executed in October by the consultants of Rull & Rumm in the cooperation of professional journalists.

"The ability to present one's message to the public in TV during the short seconds given is becoming more and more determinative in our contemporary information society," Ivo Rull said.

During its existence, Rull & Rumm has executed nearly 70 video media trainings for different organizations of both, public and private sector.
April 2003
The PR-project for the communication of basic computer and Internet training Look@World, conducted by PR-company Rull & Rumm, was elected the best PR-campaign at the competition for the Estonian Public Relations Award 2002, arranged by the Estonian Public Relations Association (EPRA).

Professionals of the field selected 10 best candidates out of the works, which were sent to the competition for the PR-award 2002. The final choice was made by a jury, which consisted of 7 members.

"We thank all the partners of the Look@World training project. The win spurs us to do our job even better," said Ivo Rull, the manager of Rull & Rumm, while accepting the award.
March 2003

The communication project for the brand Fair Bargain, created by Rull & Rumm, gained the third place at the competition for the Estonian Public Relations Award 2002, arranged by the Estonian Public Relations Association (EPRA).

"I wish to thank all the members of Estonian Association of Meat Processors (ELA) and partners, who gave us the opportunity to do this job. During the whole history of Rull & Rumm, I think this has been one of the most interesting and creative projects," said Ivo Rull, while accepting the award.

February 2003
On February 7, Rull & Rumm concluded a cooperation agreement with a Latvian PR-company PR Plus and a Lithanian PR-agency ID4, in order to cooperate in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets.

"Since now, we can suggest reliable PR-partners from Latvia and Lithuania to our clients," Ivo Rull commented the agreement.

PR Plus has four consultants and has been operating for three years. ID4 has four consultants and has been operating for one years.
January 2003

In November 2002, Estonian Surveys Ltd. conducted the first survey on the reputation and client satisfaction of Estonian PR-companies.

The sample of the survey included companies from the TOP 100 of Estonia's Most Successful Enterprises, composed by Äripäev, larger statutory establishments and associations. The sample consisted of 350 enterprises and organizations.

According to the survey, the highest rate of client satisfaction has KPMS & Partner, who became the first with general mark (8,18) and with other components of client satisfaction. The next companies were Rull & Rumm (7,85) and Hill & Knowlton (6,77).

Also, awareness regarding PR-companies was rated. The respondents of the survey were most aware of companies Hill & Knowlton (78%) and KPMS & Partner (75%). They were followed by Rull & Rumm (52%), Past ja Partnerid (46%), Ots & Partners (44%), Havera Grupp (41%) and Powerhouse (36%).

September 2002

Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC), PR-company Rull & Rumm and Roi Ltd. arranged a series of media training for Estonian sports managers. The training’s main idea was to give a review of attitudes and tendencies, dominating in Estonian media; fill in knowledge concerning the peculiarity of media relations; and practice giving interviews in different styles.

Almost 50 managers of different sports subunions and associations took part in the series of media trainings, carried out by Ivo Rull, the manager of the PR-company Rull & Rumm.

“Very keen interest was shown towards participation as media relations are the best seen part of any company’s PR-process,” justifies the head manager of the training, EOC’s project manager Sven Sommer. “One of the side targets was to give subunions and associations an impulse for organizing similar seminars inside their organizations, as EOC is not able to cover all the needs for media training of Estonian sportsmen and clubs.”

”The first feedback concerning the media training was extremely positive. Still, we are sure to perform a more thorough questionnaire, which should show the focus of the field in the future,” Sommer said. “Most of the participants found that media-oriented trainings should go on regularly merely because of rapid changes taking place in the media field.”

June 2002

As a result of a competition announced by Parlament secretarial offices PR-company Rull & Rumm have carried out the analysis of the Parlament public reception during two periods of year 2001 using online and printed media. T

he examination was based on the content analysis method and dealed with news, articles and comments published from March 15 to May 15 and from September 15 to November 15, 2001 by BNS, ETA, Eesti Päevaleht, Postimees, SL Õhtuleht, Äripäev, Eesti Ekspress, Maaleht and internet portal Delfi. Analysis was carried out by Rull & Rumm consultants Ivo Rull, Indrek Schwede and Julia Amor.

Summary article by Ivo Rull "Riigikogu töö kajastus Eesti meedias" (Parlament work in Estonian media) has been published in Riigikogu Toimetised (Parlament Publications) nr.5/2002 and can also be accessed at

April 2002

During coming two years Look@World Foundation (Vaata Maailma Sihtasutus) will be carrying out educational project offering 100 000 people premilinary knowledge of computer and Internet. PR-communication for the project is executed by PR-comapny Rull & Rumm; advertising and marketing communication is executed by Baltic FCB agency.

"As a result of the competition Rull & Rumm was chosen to deal with PR activities within the century education project - that is the recognition of our skills and a commitment at the same time," said Ivo Rull. Look@World educational project starts with the pilot project in Pärnu and Ida-Viru districts where this spring 1000 people will get the opportunity to take the course.

Starting in summer second stage will add Valga and Järva districts and one part of Tallinn, giving knowledge to 9000 people. Basic project starts in November and lasts up to April 2004. During this period 90 000 people will be educated. About a third part of all people will get their knowledge in Russian.

March 2002

Rull & Rumm is on the fifth place in PR companies' rating in special edition Turunduse TOP published by Äripäev on March 20th, 2002. According to Äripäev during 2001 there have formed a distinct group of five leaders: Hill & Knowlton Eesti, KPMS & Partners, Corpore, Ots & Partnerid and Rull & Rumm.

Äripäev is quoting the Rull & Rumm' head Ivo Rull, who says erudition to be the motto at PR service market of the year 2002. The claim grows smaller for the services, that clients have opportunity to arrange on their own and not less effectively (part of the media relations, information exchange within the company) or to order from specialized agencies (organizing events). The claim is growing bigger for services needing extensive knowledge, experience and analysis ability (crisis communication, lobby, strategic consulting, etc).

Clients value essential potential in PR companies much more than external glamour. Thus PR executives ought to become consultants, says Ivo Rull to Äripäev.

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