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Panel Of Honour

Rull & Rumm korraldas Rexona rahvusvahelise kampaania TEE:ROHKEM kommunikatsiooni Eestis. Tuntud näitleja ja laulja Merilyn Jurmani üleskutsel kandsid 9 noort kahe nädala jooksul anduriga käevõru, mille vahendusel mõõdeti nende igapäevast aktiivsust, toitumist ja puhkamist. Neid andmeid oli pidevalt võimalik jägida Facebooki vahendusel ning kampaaniat tervikuna peavoolu meediakanalites.
Rull & Rumm juhataja Ivo Rull avaldas 2013. aastal üle poolesaja erialase kommentaari erinevates meediakanalites (Äripäev, Õhtuleht, Postimees Online, Delfi, ERR uudised jt). Lisaks oli ta palutud aktuaalseid avalike suhete ning kommunikatsiooniga seotud teemasi kommenteerima mitmetesse raadio- ja telesaadetesse (Kuku „Saade“ja „Nädala Tegija“; TV3 „Seitsmesed Uudised“ ja „Kolmeraudne“; ETV „Ringvaade“ jt).
Oktoobri lõpus Tallinnas toimunud Maailma Terviseorganisatsiooni ja Ravimiameti koostöös korraldatud ICDRA (International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities) konverentsi kommunikatsiooni koordineeris Rull & Rumm. Konverentsi tööst lähtuvad sõnumid leidsid kajastamist nii erialameedias kui mitmetes üldhuvi tele-, raadio- kui online-meedia kanalites ning erinevates päevalehtedes.
Rull & Rumm tõi 2011. aastal turule uued koolitusprogrammid („Tugevama argumendi võim“, „Siku-Onu sündroom“, „Selge sõna, särav mõte“ jt), mis täiendasid jätkuvalt pakutavaid avaliku esinemise ja meediasuhtluse koolitusi.
Värsked, avalikkuse ja meedia uusi suundumusi arvestavad koolitused leidsid head vastuvõttu nii avaliku sektori organisatsioonide, eraettevõtete kui kolmanda sektori liitude ja ühingute hulgas.

Since July 2009 organized Rull & Rumm public relations of six different training projects.  All trainings took place under the brand of “Come Along!” (Ole Kaasas!).   

“Come along!” trainings consists theoretical knowledge and practical experiences about e-services, ID-Cards, Mobile-ID and digital signatures. PR of the projects took place in Estonian and in Russian. Projects were financed by the European Regional Development Fund.   

Rull & Rumm planned and implemented during a period of almost half a year a communications project to raise public awareness about the EQUAL programme which dealt with social groups in an unequal situation at the labour market (former prisoners, gambling addicts and prostitutes, the handicapped, farmers and parents of peripheral regions and infants).

During the communications project, 20 opinion articles and a number of commentaries by opinion leaders were published in the Estonian media, several radio and television shows were aired on the topics of the labour market problems. At the end of the communications project, the final forum of EQUAL programme “See the stars in labour sky!” took place where 25 known and renowned experts made presentations and held discussions about the possibilities to decrease the inequalities present in the labour market.

The aim of the media campaign was to introduce the opportunities of studying in the Border Guard Colleage and strengthen the reputation of the border guard as a profession.

In the framework of the campaign, a series of events was held (open door days in border guard stations, press flight, presentation of border guard boats and technique) and different materials regarding the work of the border guard (news, articles, commentaries), were published in media.

In November 2006, right after the creation of the Estonian Green Party, Rull & Rumm began consulting the campaign and organizing the communication of the new party.

The elections that were held hree months later gave the Estonian Green Party 6 seats in Riigikogu.

On the 10th of August 2005 at 12:43 crashed Copterlines chopper Sikorsky S-76 C+ into the sea near Naissaare island. All 14 people on board were killed.

On the 10th of August 13:34 published BNS the first news "Near Naissaare crashed a chopper". Copterline marketing manager Sigrid Tammes called to Rumm&Rumm head manager Ivo Rull (further on referred as "consultant") about 13:40. Consultant arrived at the Copterline Linnahall terminal about 13:55. At that moment the representatives of 10 media channels and the folk of two perished passengers were already there.

First thing the consultant did, was to manage the arrival of crisis psychologists to discuss the situation with the personnel of Copterline and the folk of the perished. Next step was to go over, together with Sigrid Tammes and Tõnis Lepp, the detailed information about what had happened and what was known so far. It was made clear that there will be no speculation over the issue and only proved facts are to be given to the public. Third thing they did was to organise an interval to inform journalists every 30 minutes about the catastrophe. Forth thing was to co-operate extra forces- Rull&Rumm executive director was to perform media monitoring and necessary translations into Russian and English on the spot. After the prime minister and economics and communication minister had presented their condolences, the CEO-s condolences were put together as well around 16:30 by the consultant, nevertheless the passengers and the crews death was not yet formal.

The last press briefing took place from 20:00 till 20:45 that included also Copterlines owner Kari Ljundberg.

Eesti Loto (Estonian Lottery) informatioal tour has been conducted in September 2004. The tour has visited five towns - Pärnu, Paide, Võru, Narva and Tartu - and has spreaded information about online-lottery and mobile lottery possibilities. Rull & Rumm worked out tours messages, conducted informational events and secured media coverage.

During the reform of the structure of AS Viisnurk in 2003, Rull & Rumm counseled the company on many issues of internal communication. In addition to operative counseling in the matter of informing different target groups, the qualitative level of the company’s internal informative paper was risen by giving it a new name (Viis Pluss), a well-structured form, content, lay-out and regularity. Rull & Rumm also took part in working out the principles of the company’s corporate marketing and public relations.

On the request of Estonian Meat Processors’ Association (EMPA), in April 2002 the PR-company Rull & Rumm developed the concept of a brand FAIR BARGAIN. The brand, which is used as a label on all meat product packages, which follow the ideology, was designed by an advertising company Arsenal as a subcontract work. Since then, Rull & Rumm has been performing the brand’s media communication. FAIR BARGAIN helps consumers to distinguish the meat products, which are made without using mechanically deboned meat (MDM). The problem of using MDM in Estonian meat products was acknowledged in spring 2002. MDM is gained by removing meat and other soft tissues from the bones mechanically, most of such remains are imported.

On July 24, 2002, an article called “The winners had skilled advisers behind their backs” was published in the economic paper Äripäev. It says, “Valga Meat Industry and Estonian Meat Processors’ Association (EMPA) were consulted during the “meat war” by the PR-company Rull & Rumm. /---/ The whole marketing process from the idea till the marketing of labelled goods took two months.”

On EMPA’s records, the sales numbers of the association’s companies have grown 18% since tapping the brand (May – October 2002), when comparing to the same period of the previous year.

PR advising included preparing for the most important interviews, taking part in the campaign team work, arranging media relations materials, taking part in producing documentary, etc. According to the public opinion inquiries support for the Toomas Savi was growing during the whole election campaign.

The main aim of the communication project was to present the emergency services integral number 112 to all Estonian inhabitants when former emergency numbers 01, 02, 03 and 04 were no more in use. The project was ordered by Ministry of Internal Affairs in cooperation with Rescue Department. During three month Rull & Rumm had executed all kinds of PR and media relations’ jobs. Visual part of the project and advertising job were executed by advertising agency Kontuur Leo Burnett. In the competition PR ACT 2000 held by EPRA and Marketing Centre 112 communication project was one of the five projects chosen to final.

The aim of communication project was to warrant positive attitude towards TELE2 free Internet services at the moment those were introduced. Project was ordered by OÜ Levicom BroadBand. Rull & Rumm carried out media communication course for the Client and worked out detailed media strategy. Strategy successful implementation resulted in extencive and positive media reaction to the launch of TELE2 free Internet dial-up services.

The main aim of the lobby and PR project was to leave out of the draft the prohibition of cigarettes without filter. Project was ordered by Swedish Match Eesti AS. Efficient communicating programm, pointed at officials, politicians and public, planned by Rull & Rumm and carried out with it´s help led to passing the form of the act that permits import and sales of the cigarettes without filter.